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News and our gains in 2009

31.12.2009 – our puppies

Our O-puppies are 7 weeks old now. They will leave us soon.


We visited our friends and their A-litter sired by our Jim (Ch. Doc Bar Cidabro).

13.12.2009 - Nordic Winner, IHA Helsinki - FIN

CH. Freya´s Charm Cidabro - V2, CAC, res CACIB

12.12.2009 - Finnish Winner, IHA Helsinki - FIN

CH. Freya´s Charm Cidabro - V3, res. CAC

12.12.09 - ACD puppies

Our puppies born in O-litter are 4 weeks old now.

Puppies enjoy the sun:

More photos here.

6.12.2009 – IHA Nitra, Slovakia

Ch. Miss Aussie Cidabro – V1, CAC, res. CACIB

5.12.2009 – IHA Nitra, Slovakia

Ch. Miss Aussie Cidabro – V1, CAC, res. CACIB
Schipperke bred by me:
Conny Cidabro – 2x CAC, res. CACIB

4.12.09 - ACD puppies

New puppy photos O -litter.

More photos here.
We plan new litters.

29.11.2009 – Club championship, Prelouc

Jim 1st place – WINNER of ZZO category ( 60 p. – max !!!) Jim was simply the best!

Merry 6th place ( 55 p.) Merry remembers everything from her sport career. She was the oldest dog (9 years old) in the competition. I am very happy with her because I didn´t plan to compete with Merry any more.

Jim´s protection training in the late afternoon.

Photo by Vítek Veselý

29.11.2009 – IHA Turku, Finland

Ch. Freya´s Charm Cidabro – V1, res. CAC, CACIB


New Jim´s kids in Domikar kennel in Czech Republic.

12.11.2009 – We have ACD puppies.

2 males and 2 bitches are born from combination Lantu x Jenny, our litter O.

1.11.2009 - schutzhund training

We continue on protection training with Jim.

More photos see HERE.

31.10.2009 - Bohemian Shepherd Dogs

Werona Bryvilsar passed the first part of breeding permission with perfect result.

26.10.2009 - PRA

Ch. Windwarrior´s Blue Cidabro and Jamaine Red Cidabro are PRA free.

18.10.2009 - Protection training

We took part on protection training day with ACD Jim and BSD Wera.

17.10.2009 - CAC show Brno

schipperke Conny Cidabro - V1, CAC, National Winner 2009

10.10.2009 – Bohemian Shepherd Dog Club show

Werona Bryvilsár – V1, CAJC (Junior Winner)

9.10. 2009 – We expect ACD puppies

We expect „O“ litter in November. See planned litters.

8.10. 2009 – World Dog Show Bratislava, Slovakia

ICh. Zeecidabro des Poenjaap „Merry“ – V1, WORLD VETERAN WINNER 2009, BOB VETERAN!!!

Jim´s grandsons:
Windwarrior´s The Different Drummer – VN1 (tø. dorostu)
Horác Zigidius – V1, CAC (tø. otevøená)

ACD results here; schipperke results here.

4.10.2009 - IHA Tulln, Austria

schipperke Conny Cidabro - V1, CACA, res. CACIB

Foto: Hanka Maredová (www.boraderam.cz)

19.9.2009 - Speciality show in Mlada Boleslav

ICh. Zeecidabro des Poenjaap - V1, BOB veteran, 3rd place BIS veteran
Our son Paja won 2nd place in Junior handling with Merry.

our offspring:
Ned Kelly Cidabro - V1
Narrandera Red Cidabro - V2, res. CAC

5.9.2009 – II. Czech championship – agility, Zlechov

Champion 2009 , 1st place: Vladimira Cistinova s Betti ze Straziste "Jill"
2nd place – Veronika Stratilova s Aquila Blue Camden Dog "Aki"
Both bitches are daughters od our great male Otto (ICh. Windwarrior´s Flyinf Force).

Ch. Doc Bar Cidabro

Jim is back home from Finland. She won some show trophys.
Many thanks to Ms. Tuulia Heikkinen to care about my Jim and show him. Well done!

29.8.2009 - IDS TERVAKOSKI, Finland

Ch. Doc Bar Cidabro - CAC, res. CACIB

26.8.2009 - Puppies from Jim

There were born 2 males and 5 females in Windwarrior´s kennel, Finland. Some of them are available. Ask Ms. Heikkinen.

10.8.2009 - We have schipperke puppies.

Two males and 1 female puppy were born from Int.Ch. Alešek od Prachovských skal and Barbie Cidabro.

9.8.2009 - Nord Moravia show

Schipperke Dorotka Cidabro - VP1, Best puppy.

25th July, International Show, Mikkeli, Finland

Ch. Doc Bar Cidabro - CAC, CACIB, BOB

ACD - the riding dog

See more photos of Ch. Melbourne Beauty Cidabro - HERE.

Dogtrekking - Havinoslap 2009, Slovakia

ACD bitch Narrandera Red Cidabro won the 95 km long trek competition.

3.7.2009 - We expect schipperke puppies

Our vet confirmed our young bitch is pregnant to ICh. Alešek od Prachovských skal. We expect puppies in August.

27.6.2009 - IHA Brno

Conny Cidabro - V1, CAC, CACIB, BOB (schipperke)

21.6.2009 – IHA Szczecin, PL

Melbourne Beauty Cidabro – V1, CWC, CACIB, BOB
Aus is new Polish Champion!

20.6.2009 – II. Club show Mlada Boleslav

Ich. Zeecidabro des Poenjaap – V1, Best veteran, BOS
Merry is Czech Veteran Champion now!!!

Our son Paja won 3rd place in Juniorhandling with Merry !!!

Schipperke Amalka Cidabro – V1, CAC.

13.6.2009 – NV Klatovy

Ned Kelly Cidabro – V1, CAC

24.5.2009 – IHA Helsinki, Finland

Ch. Doc Bar Cidabro – CACIB

9.5.2009 - IHA Bratislava, SK

JCh. Melbourne Beauty Cidabro - V1, CAC, CACIB, BOB

8.5.2009 - CZ Club speciality show in Mlada Boleslav

JCh. Miss Aussie Cidabro - V1, CAC, Club Winner 2009 Lupina is Czech champion now.

ICh. Zeecidabro des Poenjaap - V1, BOB veteran

our offsprings:
Ned Kelly Cidabro - V2, res. CAC
Norrisa Blue Cidabro - VG2

Ch. Durango z Lodice - V1, CAC, Club Winner 2009 (Otto´s son)
Cuketka Cidabro - V1, CAC

Conny Cidabro - V2

2.5.2009 - IHA Prague

JCh. Miss Aussie Cidabro - V1, CAC, CACIB
ICh. Zeecidabro des Poenjaap - V1, Best veteran in breed

11.4.2009 - herding test in Podkost, CZ

the first herding test ZVOP passed
Norrisa Blue Cidabro and Narrnadera Red Cidabro

CH. Doc Bar Cidabro

Our super red male will be available for stud for approved bitches at WINDWARRIOR´S KENNEL (Finland) for limited time.

For more information ask me or Ms Tuulia Heikkinen.

4.4.2009 - National show Ostrava

our offspring:
ACD - JCh. Melbourne Beauty Cidabro - V1,CAC, National Winner 2008
schipperke - Conny Cidabro - V1, CAJC

4.4.2008 - Czech working test

Ch. Doc Bar Cidabro "Jim" passed test ZZO.

17.3.2009 - ED - Jim

Ch. Doc Bar Cidabro is ED free in the age of 6 1/2 years.

8.3.2009 - Ned Kelly Cidabro

Ned passed his 3rd working exam - ZOP (obedience).

27.2.2009 - HD, ED results

Ned Kelly Cidabro - HD-A, ED-0
Norrisa Blue Cidabro - HD-A
Narranderra Red Cidabro - HD-A

25.2.2009 - PRA

Ch. Doc Bar Cidabro is PRA free again.

7.2.2008 - IHA Brno

our offspring:
JCh. Melbourne Beauty Cidabro - V1, CAC, CACIB, Cruft´s 2010 qualification

30.1.2009 - New from Russia

Schipperke Cibetka Cidabro is Juniorchampion of Russia.


Our blue male Otto celebrates his birthday. He is 10 years old now !!!

6.1. 2009 - Welcome Jenny

Let me introduce new member of our ACD team - Clever Girl Cidabro "Jenny". She came back to us from France. She is litter sister to Czech Champion of Rescue Dogs 2008. Jenny is nice, GREAT character.

PF 2009