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News and our gains in 2010

12.12.2010 – IDS Finnish Winner, Finland

Judge: John Philip, Indie; 24 ACDs

Ch. Freya´s Charm Cidabro „Chiki“
Ex1, res. CACIB
JCh. Windwarrior´s Ultimate „Esa“Ex1, CAC, BOS, Finnish Junior Winner 2010, Finnish Winner 2010
- Esa is son of our stud male Ch. Doc Bar Cidabro „Jim“

12.12.2010 – MV Helsinki Winner, Finland

Judge: Marja Talvitie, Finsko; 21 ACDs

Ch. Freya´s Charm Cidabro „Chiki“ – Ex1, CACIB, BOB, Helsinki Winner 2010
JCh. Windwarrior´s Ultimate „Esa“ – Ex1, CAC, BOS, Helsinki Junior Winner 2010, Helsinki Winner 2010
- Esa is son of our stud male Ch. Doc Bar Cidabro „Jim“

28.11.2010 – Club competition for working dogs in Prelouc, CZ

ZZO class ( 12 competitors – German shepherds, Border collie, stafordshire bullterier, rottweiler, Belgian shepherd, etc.). Judge: Mrs. Mikulecka.

Ch. Doc Bar Cidabro ( Jim ) – 1st place
Werona Bryvilsár ( Wera ) – 2nd place

Gina – New member of our team

Let me introduce Gina ( Quite a Blue Quake Cidabro) to you. She is new member of our team. Gina is owned by Ms Heikkinen from Windwarrior´s kennel.


Australian Cattle Dog and Schipperke puppies for sale see here

Ch. Croco Dundee Cidabro is Czech Rescue Champion again

Australian Cattle dog bred by me Ch. Croco Dundee Cidabro owned by Mr. Jaroslav Sedlak is Czech Rescue Champion 2010 (of all breeds). Croco won Champion rescue title on 2008 the first time. Congratulations!!!

9.10.2010 – sunny day

We enjoyed beatiful sunny day. I went to train Jim in our club. Jenny stayed with their puppies at home.

9.10.2010 – IDS Ceske Budejovice

Ch. Ned Kelly Cidabro – Ex1, CAC, CACIB, BOB

18.9.2010 – Speciality show in Mlada Boleslav, CZ


Ch. Barbie Cidabro – Ex1, CAC, VSV, BOB (champion class)
Conny Cidabro – Ex 1, CAC (open class)
Dixi Cidabro – Ex 1, CAC (middle class)

CIDABRO kennel won 3rd place in breedeing group competition on Speciality show.


Ch. Ned Kelly Cidabro – Ex3 (champion class)
Quoin Princess Cidabro – VP1 (puppy class)
Racy Blue Rebecca Cidabro – VP2 (puppy class)

21.+22.8.2010 – IDS Duodunabe Bratislava, SK

Saturday – judge Denis Kuzelj, BG
Ch. Doc Bar Cidabro – CAC, CACIB, BOS
Jim is International champion now. (C.I.B.)

Sunday – judge Lisbeth Mach, CH
Ch. Doc Bar Cidabro – CAC, CACIB

We spent beatiful weekend with our friends in Bratislava.

1.8.2010 – breeding permisson for BSD in Sobesin

Our Bohemian shepherd bitch Werona Bryvilsar is stud bitch now.

18.7.2010 – Club show ACD, Germany

Judge: Prof.Dr. Peter Friedrich.
There were entried 73 ACDs. It was really nice weekend with many ACD friends. Our Lupina was showed just only 9 weeks after birth puppies.
Ich. Miss Aussie Cidabro – Ex3 (champion class)

Poison Gully Blue Cidabro – VP3 (puppy class)

Ch. Ned Kelly Cidabro – Ex1, VDH CAC and Club CAC (open class)

Lupina + Ned – 3rd place (couple class)

Ch. Heelersridge Emublu King – Club Winner 2010, BOB (champion class)
King is sire of our Q-litter Cidabro. He is really THE BEST..

25.6.2010 – WDS Herning, Denmark

Sire of our Q-litter – Ch. Heelersridge Emublu King is World Winner 2010 and BOB. He is double World Winner now!!!

Congratulation to his owner.

25.6.2010 – ACD and schipperke puppies

Some of them are still free for sale.

19.6.2010 - IDS Brno

Barbie Cidabro - EX1, CAC
Smudla is Czech champion now!!!

13.6.2010 - Speciality ACD show in Orivesi, FIN

Ch. Freya´s Charm Cidabro - EX1, CAC

12.6.2010 – Club show, Mlada Boleslav

Australian Cattle Dog:
Ch. Windwarrior´s Blue Cidabro – EX1, CAC, Best male
Ch. Doc Bar Cidabro - EX1, CAC

Old Cork Blue Girl Cidabro – VP2
Nullarbor Blue Cidabro – special class


Evening Star Cidabro – EX1, CAJC, BOB
Barbie Cidabro - EX1, CAC, Best female, TOP 5 Female BIS

1. place – Pavel Danek and Barbie Cidabro

12.6.2010 - West Bohemia show, Rokycany

Ch. Ned Kelly Cidabro - EX1, Class winner, West Bohemia Winner

6.6.2010 – New puppy photos

New schipperke and ACD puppy photos see HERE. The last puppies free for sale.

5.6.2010 – IDS Nitra, SK

SIP: Barbie Cidabro – EX1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, Grand Prix Slovakia Winner 2010 ACD: Ch. Doc Bar Cidabro – EX2, res. CAC

5.6.2010 – NDS Klatovy

SIP: Dixi Cidabro – V1, CAJC, TOP5 in Junior FCI 1
Dixinka is Czech Junior Champion !!!

ACD: Ch. Ned Kelly Cidabro – EX1, CAC, NV, BOB
Pinegrove Red Cowboy Cidabro– VP1, res. BIS puppy
Poison Gully Blue Cidabro – VP1
Plumridge Blue Cidabro – P2

30.5.2010 – working test in Tynec nad Labem

Our BSD Werona Bryvilsar passed ZZO!

29.5.2010 – West Bohemia show in Plzen

Dixi Cidabro – EX1, Class Winner, West Bohemia Winner

Dorotka Cidabro

Dorotka Cidabro – see her agility training.

25.5.2010 – puppies

Our puppies enjoy sunny days.

22.5.2010 – IDS Nord Bohemia Canis, Litomerice

BSD: Werona Bryvilsár – EX3
SIP: Barbie Cidabro – EX1, CAC, CACIB, BOB

16.5.2010 - New photos of our ACD R-litter

16.5.2010 - New photos of our schipperke F-litter

15.5.2010 - Speciality show of BSD, Jesenik

Speciality show of Bohemian shepherd dogs (Chodsky pes):
Dara Cidabro (10 years old) - EX1, Best Veteran, BOB ( out of 92 dogs !!!)

Many thanks to family Bolehovsky fro the perfect care about Dara.

Jomarco Blue Cidabro

Marko´s training - video here

6.5.2010 – New ACD puppies

See all the details HERE

1.5.2010 – Iron Mountains Trophy in Hermanuv Mestec

We took part on ZZO competition.

1.5.2010 - IDS Prague

Ned Kelly Cidabro - V1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, Qualification for Cruft´s 2011 Ned is Czech champion !!!

28.4.2010 – We have schipperke puppies !!!

Our Bess has 4 beautiful female puppies. See more on we plan page.

24.4.2010 - IDS Ceske Budejovice

Dixi Cidabro - V1, CAJC
Dixi won Junior BOD!!!

18.4.2010 – Schipperke Day in Jicin, CZE

We spent very nice day with many schipperkes.

Our son was training agility with our Smudla. Both enjoyed it.

17.4.2010 – Club show in Mlada Boleslav

ACD: ICh. Zeecidabro des Poenjaap – Ex1, BOB veteran
SIP: Barbie Cidabro- Ex1, CAC, Club Winner, BOB !!! (out of 19 schipperkes)

Schipperkes from bred by me:
Colin Cidabro – Ex1, CAC (open class male winner)
Evening Star Cidabro – VP1
Dixi Cidabro – Ex1, CAJC, Club Junior Winner, Junior BOB

Colin Cidabro

Males sired our expecting litters:
ACD: Ch. Durango z Lodice - Ex1, CAC, Club Winner, BOB !!!
SIP: JCh. Sweeet Devil´s Element of Crime – Ex1, CAC

Schipperke and horse

Dixi Cidabro.

Jim on training

New photos from Jim´s protection work training HERE and HERE too.

We expect ACD puppies

We expect ACD puppies in the beginning of May 2010. More info in WE PLAN page.

27.3.2010 - Jiri Flieger Trophy

We took part in the competition in ZZO cathegory in Tynec nad Labem. Jim won 2nd place.

I took part in the same competition in 1997 the last time.

23.3.2010 - PRA test

Jim pass eye test with result: FREE

We expect schipperke puppies

We expect probably the last litter of our wonderful Bess in the end of April. Our Bess was mated by Jun.Ch. Sweet Dewil´s Element of Crime aka Pasa, German import.
More details and photos in WE PLAN page soon.

7.3.2010 – IDS Graz, Austria

ACD: Ch. Doc Bar Cidabro – V1, CACA, CACIB
SIP: Barbie Cidabro – V1, CACA, CACIB, BOB

5. + 6.2.2010 – DuoCACIB Brno, CZ

Dogs from our kennel:
Ned Kelly Cidabro – 2x CAC
Jemma Blue Cidabro – CAC, res. CACIB


3.2.2010 – P - litter

Our P – team is 8 weeks old. Red male is still free for sale.
For more detail contact me by email (English, Deutsch) or phone (English).

29.1.2010 – Otto´s birthday

Our darling Otto is 11 years old !!!

Winter time

More snow photos here.

23.1.2010 – IDS Trenèín, Slovakia

Ch. Miss Aussie Cidabro – V1, CAC, CACIB
New Slovak champion and International Champion (Champion International de Beauté)

Cidabro dogs:
ACD: Jemma Blue Cidabro – V1, CAC
SIP: Conny Cidabro – V1, CAC, res. CACIB

15.1.2010 – JIM

Our red stud dog Jim ( Ch. Doc Bar Cidabro ) passed BAER test on the special and only one vet clonic in our country. He is normal hearing both sides.
Jim is BAER normal, HD A, ED 0, PRA free in the spring 2009, DNA normal/Clar, scissors bite, full dentination.

Old Cork Blue Girl Cidabro

The blue female puppy for sale. Cork is 7 weeks old now. She is very friendly, suitable for show and sport. Read more here.

Some puppies from our P-litter still available for sale.

PF 2010