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News and our gains in 2017

PF 2018

Happy New Year !!!

Schipperke puppies

There were born 2 schipperke female puppies from Blackshadow´s Don´t Ever Change (Germany) and our Juky Cidabro on December 26th, 2017. They look for a loving forever home.

25.11.2017 – working test event Pardubice-Nemosice

Freny z Avarku passed working test ZVV1 (81/85/85)

11.11.2017 – World Dog Show in Leipzig, Germany

We visited amazing WDS close to CZ. There were 122 ACD entried. Both our offspring made really good job:
Barker Blue Cidabro – VP3 (puppy class)
JCh. Zeehan Blue Cidabro – Ex4 (open class)

Autumn dog photos

21.10.2017 - Club show Mlada Boleslav (ACD)

judge: Mr. Milivoje Urosevic (SRB)

our sweet boy Roux won 2nd place in puppy plass (VP2) with great report
Sawdust´s Ruff N´Tuff - VP2

results of Cidabro team:
Arrino Blue Cidabro - VP1 (male puppy)
Assyr Blue Cidabro - VP1 (female puppy)
Zarina Blue Cidabro - VG2 (female interm.class)
Weribee Blue Cidabro - Ex1, CAC, Club Winner 2017, BOS (female open class)
Yaraka Blue Cidabro - VG3 (female open class)


Read more about our new young male Roux here.

Tracking training

We took part on tracking seminar with World champion Ms Iva Lzicarova.

19.08.2014 - Club show KCHMPP in Mikulov (without Club W. titles)

judge: Mr. Leos Jancik

Sawdust´s Ruff N´Tuff „ROUX“ - VP2 (puppy class) ... our Roux

Arrino Blue Cidabro - VP1, BIS puppy - 2nd place !!!
Ch. Uncle Blue Sigord Cidabro - VG2 (champ. class)
Assyr Blue Cidabro - VP2 (puppy class)
Brisbane Red Cidabro - VP1 (puppy class)
Zilgarra Blue Cidabro - Ex1, CAC, BOS (open class), TOP4 in honour ring of all BOS dogs

Great day for CIDABRO team !!! Many thanks to all owners and handlers.


ACD puppy for sale - litter C2

Blue female puppy is looking for sport / show and loving home.
Ready to leave. Please, write someting about you at first ;-)

More info and photos by email.

New puppy photos – Cidabro litter C2

6 weeks old

Summer meeting

From the left: Volcanic Blue Cidabro (5 years old), Plumridge Blue Cidabro (7,5), Narrandera Red Cidabro (10,5), Norrisa Blue Cidabro (10,5), Hannah Red Cidabro (12,5), Ch. Ned Kelly Cidabro (10,5)

Roux – training

Cidabro C2-litter : new video

New member of our pack

Australian Cattledog puppy, male – call name ROUX

17.6.2017 – Speciality dog show KCHMPP, Mlada Boleslav

ACD – judge: Mr. Dick Baars (NL)
Zarree Blue Cidabro - Ex4 (junior class)
JCh. Yaraka Blue Cidabro - Ex2, res.CAC (open class)

SIP – judge: Ms. Erika Homonnai (A)
Dixi Cidabro - Ex1, BOB veteran

We have ACD puppies

There were born 8 puppies in Cidabro C2 litter on 10th June

Freny – Picture from training

Jch. Zeehan Blue Cidabro

Young ACD male Zeehan Blue Cidabro „Dexter“ is new German Junior Champion now


Merry left us over the rainbow bridge in the age of 16,5 years

Austraian Cattledog– litter C2

We expect new puppies in June 2017.

New video of our B2 puppies

29.04.2017 – Dog show in Detrichov

Bohemian shepherd dog

Judge: Mr. A. Polgar
Gabina z Volsinek - Ex1, Junior Class Winner
Werona Bryvilsar - Ex1, Veteran Class Winner, 2nd place BIS Veteran

Australian cattledog

- me as a visitor this time ;-)
Judge: Mr. L. Kukla
Zilgarra Blue Cidabro - Ex1, Junior Class Winner, 2nd place BIS Junior
Zalannie Blue Cidabro - VG1

We have puppies – Australian cattle dog

There were born 6 puppies on 18th April - litter B2
Ch. Sawdust´s In All It´s Glory x Jun.Ch. Berenica Domikar

Freny – from training

15.4.2017 - Club show of Chodsky pes

judge: Mr. F. Šimek
Werona Bryvilsar - Ex2 (9 veteran females)
Gabina z Volsinek - Vg (36 young females)

2.4.2017 - Chodsky pes in Ujezd nad Lesy (Prague)

Our young female Gabina z Volsinek

Australian Cattledog – B2 litter

We expect B2 puppies in the end of April from the following combination:
Ch. Sawdust´s In All It´s Glory x JCh. Berenica Domikar at Cidabro

Australian Cattledog – A2 litter

There were born 3 puppies at our friends out of following combination:
Ch. Sawdust´s Griffin´n Gem x Werribee Blue Cidabro

19.2.2017 – IDS Bratislava, SK

Judge: V. Piskay
Zilgarra Blue Cidabro - Ex1, CAJC, BOJ, BOS, Junior Winner of Slovakia

04.02.2017 + 5.02.2017 – Duocacib IDS Brno

Ch. Shelburne Red Cidabro - Ex1, CAC (champ. class) / xxx
Zarree Blue Cidabro - VG (junior class) / xxx
Zilgarra Blue Cidabro - Ex4 (junior class) / Ex2
Jun.Ch.Yaraka Blue Cidabro - Ex3 (middle class) // Ex2, res.CAC

related to Cidabro kennel:
Boolomo Dingo´s Creek - Ex1, CAJC, BOJ, BOB !!! / Ex2, res.CAC (junior class - son of Ch. Unique Blue Cidabro and grandson of Ch. Doc Bar Cidabro / middle class)
Dudly Dry Land Ketty Hanny – 2x Ex1, 2x CAC (middle class - son of Ch. Ungarie Blue Cidabro)
Daydream Danggali – 2x VP1 (puppy class - daughter of Ch. Quoin Princess Cidabro)
Abies Alba z Indigova údolí - Ex2 (junior class - daughter of Ch. Shelburne Red Cidabro and granddaughter of Devil in Red Cidabro) / xxx
Caroline Springs Danggali - VG (middle class - daughter of Ch. Quoin Princess Cidabro) / xxx
Dorrie Dry Land Ketty Hanny - Ex1, CAC, CACIB, BOS (middle class - son of Ch. Ungarie Blue Cidabro) / Ex1, CAC, res.CACIB
Bribie Danggali - Ex1, CAC (champ. class - daughter of Ch. Quoin Princess Cidabro) / Ex1 ---

Champion Nick

Unique Blue Cidabro „NICK“ is new Champion of Russia :-)


Jim went over the rainbow bridge in the age of 14 years and 1 month ( C.I.B. Doc Bar Cidabro).

PF 2017

I wish all the best to all my friends for 2017. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everybody!