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News and our gains in 2019

PF 2020

Australian Cattle Dog- Lupina

30.11.-1.12.2019 – MVP Praha

Windwarrior´s Bold Eagle - V1, CAC, res. CACIB / V1, CAC
Foster Blue Cidabro - V3 / V3

23.- 24.11.2019 - 2x International Dog Show in Canj (MNE)

Ch. Sawdust´s Ruff N´Tuff "ROUX"
new Champion of Montenegro & Grand Champion of Montenegro??
Roux won the last CACIB for International title C.I.B.

Eyre Blue Cidabro "NATY"
new Champion of Montenegro & Grand Champion of Montenegro

Australstralian Cattle Dog – puppies for sale

Some our puppies are still looking for thein loving and forever home. Feel free to ask which puppy is still available. Please, write something about his/her future home. More info here.

3.11.2019 – IGP Pardubice - Svitkov

Freny passed IBGH1 today.

19.10.2019 – Club Show, Mlada Boleslav

Eyre Blue Cidabro "NATY"- Ex1, CAC, CLUB WINNER 2019
C.I.B. Uaroo Blue Cidabro "KERRY" - Ex1, Veteran BOB, BOS
NATY is 4th generation of female Club Winners in our kennel in row!!!

Windwarrior´s Bold Eage - VG2 Geryon Blue Cidabro - VP1 (puppy class - male) Shelburne Red Cidabro - Ex2 (veteran class) Ghiran Blue Cidabro - VP1 (puppy class - female) Foster Blue Cidabro - Ex1 (junior class) Schipperke:
Cuketka Cidabro - Ex1, BOB veteran

19.10.2019 – breeding permisson test in Mlada Boleslav

Judge: Mr. L. Kukla
Eyre Blue Cidabro – breeding bitch

Windwarrior´s Bold Eagle – stud dog

Our dogs in dog lovers magazine

I wrote an article for Czech dog lovers magazíne about Australian Cattle dogs included many photos of our dogs. There is our Naty (Eyre Blue Cidabro) on the cover page.

ACD puppies – new litter I2

Let me introduce the new ACD litter born in our kennel to you!
Some puppies are available for reservation.

Adersbach-Weckelsdorfer Felsenstadt

Australian Cattledog puppies

Our puppies are ready to leave us. Some of them are still looking for the right owners. Feel free to ask me which puppy is avilable for sale. Email: cidabro@seznam.cz

24.08.2019 – IDS Mlada Boleslav

Judge: Liudmila Lavrova

Windwarrior´s Bold Eagle „SCOOBY“ – Ex1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
Eyre Blue Cidabro „NATY“ – Ex2

Our offsprings:
Brigalow Blue Cidabro – Ex2, res.CAC
Foster Blue Cidabro – Ex1, Junior CAC

17.08.2019 - IDS Bratislava, SK

judge: Mrs Olga Dolejsova

Ch. Sawdust´s Ruff N´Tuff - Ex1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
C.I.B. Uaroo Blue Cidabro - Ex1, CAC & New SLOVAK CHAMPION

News from Poland

Zarcoola Blue Cidabro passed herding tests NHAT and HWT TS

Australian Cattle Dogs

There were born 8 puppies in our kennel. More info here.

29.6.2019 – NDS in Klatovy

judges: Mrs. Olga Dolejsova (ACD) / Mr. Frantisek Simek (BIG) Foster Blue Cidabro - Ex1, CAJC, Junior BOB, Junior BIG

22.6.2019 – MVP Intercanis Brno

judge: Mr. Zamoyski Andrzej
Eyre Blue Cidabro - Ex1, CAJC (Best Junior female)
Windwarrior´s Bold Eagle - Ex1, CAJC, Junior BOB

16.6.2019 – Regional dog show in Benatky n.J.

judge: Mr. Karel Horak
ACD: Windwarrior´s Bold Eagle - Ex1 Junior Winner
our offspring:
Schipperke Cuketka Cidabro - Ex1 in veteran class

15.6.2019 – Regional club show in Detrichov (without CAC titles)

judge: Mr Andras Polgar (SRB)
Eyre Blue Cidabro - Ex1, Junior Winner

German Shepherd puppies

Puppies were born on 28th April, 2019 and ready to leave us in the end of June.
Sire: BIRY REBELLING – HD: A, ED: 0, DNA DE, BH, FPr3, ZM, ZVV1, ZPS1 (Orty Vikar IPO3 x Darsy Zdekra BH, IPO3, IPO-V, SchH3, SPr 3, ZVV2)
Dam: FRENY Z AVARKU - HD: A, ED: 0, DNA DE, BH, ZVV1, ZZO1 (Yack vom Kammberg SchH 3, FH1 x Sally Favory Cross FPr 2, ZVV1)
More info here

X-ray results - Naty

Naty´s new health tests:
HD: A, ED 0/0, Spondylosis: 0

27.4.2019 – Speciální výstava KCHMPP, Mladá Boleslav

ACD - judge: Mr. Otakar Vondrous, CZ
Windwarrior's Bold Eagle - VG1 (junior class - males)
Shelburne Red Cidabro - Ex1, Veteran BOB (males)
Foster Blue Cidabro - Ex2 (junior class - females)
Carmila Blue Cidabro - Ex1, CAC (open class - females)

Schipperke - judge: Ms. Irene Hess, D
Cuketka Cidabro - Ex1 (veteran class - females)

13.4.2019 - IDS České Budějovice

judge: Mr. Željko Lozič
Windwarrior´s Bold Eagle - Ex1, CAJC
Sawdust´s Ruff N´Tuff - Ex1, CAC, res.CACIB
..... and ...... new CZECH CHAMPION !

our offspring:
Foster Blue Cidabro - VP2

German Shepherd puppies

We expect puppies of working line German Shepherd dog in the end of April / beg. of May.
More photos and info here

X-ray results - Scooby

Scooby´s new health tests:
HD: A, ED 0/0, Spondylosis: 0

Protection training IGP

Freny z Avarku

2.-3.2.2019 – DUOCACIB Brno

Australian Cattledog – judges: Opara Janusz (PL) / Matyas Jaroslav, Ing. (SK)
Sawdust´s Ruff N´Tuff - Ex2, res.CAC, res.CACIB (Saturday only)
bred by me - Carmila Blue Cidabro - Ex1, CAC, CACIB, BOB … both days!!!

Schipperke - judge Mr. Krinke Milan (CZ)
Evening Star Cidabro - EX1, Veteran BOB & new Czech Veteran Champion

Winter fun

Freny – working dog and babysitting the same day

PF 2019