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News and our gains in 2020

PF 2021

Schipperke puppies

More info here.

ACD puppies

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26.9.2020 – ACD Club show in Germany, Koblenz

Judge: Prof. Dr. Peter Friedrich

New health results – DNA

JCh. Berenica Domikar – NCL12: N/N
JCh. Windwarrior´s Bold Eagle – NCL12: N/N
Lucky Andy z Borsova – DM: N/N


Berenica Domikar

Eye vet check

Our females were checked by special vet. Both are clear eyes.
Jun.Ch. Berenica Domikar - clear
Grand Ch. Eyre Blue Cidabro – clear

Herding test weekend Nehvizdy

Judge: Daniela Rájová
Foster Blue Cidabro passed herding tests NHAT a HWT with her owner. Congrats!

New photos

I made new photos of our dogs.

C.I.B. Sawdust´s Ruff N´Tuff

Roux received a letter from Belgium. He is International champion now

ACD litter plans for 2020 changed

Read more details here

29.02.2020 - Regional dog show KCHMPP in Lysa nad Labem

ACD - judge: Ms Petra Marova
C.I.B. Uaroo Blue Cidabro - Ex1, Veteran Class Winner

Schipperke - judge: Mr Otakar Vondrous
Evening Star Cidabro - Ex1, Veteran Class Winner

PF 2020